For more than 60 years, two communities of different nations have been living peacefully together in Baumholder – the town of Baumholder presently with its ca. 4,000 inhabitants and the American military community with ca. 6,000 soldiers, families and civilians.
The Baumholder Military Community, the new official name of the U.S. Army community in Baumholder, lies directly adjacent to the town of Baumholder. The Army community is home to the headquarters of the 16thSustainment Brigade and the 421st Mult-Functional Medical Battalion as well as other U.S. Army Europe units.
One can find all the services and facilities of an American town or city of similar size including schools, churches, banks, retail stores, medical care, parks & recreation.
Two U.S. government housing areas, Smith and Wetzel, with 1,282 housing units altogether are in use by soldiers and their families. The remaining families live in about 429 privately rented apartments and homes throughout more than 118 towns and villages in the surrounding area of Baumholder.
The relationship between US Army officials and those of the town and district of Baumholder is a good one characterized by an enduring mutual trust. German and American officials work together to prevent problems. Citizens of both the Army community and the town enjoy each other’s activities such as fests, Christmas Tree Lightings, Easter Egg Hunts and much more.

This multitude of mutual contacts significantly influences the flavor of life in the town of Baumholder. Americans shops in the German stores in town and eat in German restaurants.
They actively take part in the clubs´ activities. Decades of a multitude of German-American personal friendship exist.
Baumholder is characterized by this long German-American cohabitation. As a consequence, the citizens of Baumholder are very open-minded and quite familiar with the “American Way of Life.” Soldiers and their families stationed in Baumholder enjoy the familiar atmosphere of the town and feel welcome here.
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