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In 1990, the Baumholder partnership committee was founded at the suggestion of the town mayor Jürgen Henze. The intention was to put the Baumholder - Warcq partnership on a more formal basis between the two communities and to win more residents of Baumholder for active assistance in the partnership.
Since that time, the committee has supported the mayor in office in matters of the partnership and numerous activities. The committee sponsors, for example on the German side, the school exchange between the elementary schools of the two communities initiated by Monika Rech as well as the yearly “Nikolausaktion” (Santa Claus`visit) in Warcq around 6th December. All the pupils of the elementary school of Warcq are given small presents by Santa Claus and “Knecht Ruprecht” (Santa Claus` helper).
Above all, the committee`s commitment on the occasion of the flood disaster in Warcq in 1994 is worth mentioning.  The committee initiated a relief campaign thanks to the donations of 4,000 German marks by the residents of Baumholder. Warcq`s  mayor, Luc Pierquin, brother of the present mayor Bernard Pierquin and his “Conseil Municipal” (city council), bought a boat provided with the inscription “Don de Baumholder” (Donation of Baumholder) which is especially used at high water.

Besides the chairman Jürgen Henze, the following persons are members of the  committee: Annelie and Helmut Adam, Gerhard Hahl, Hella und Karl Fritz, Helga Hoffmann, Gaby Zahler, Ingrid and Gerd Schwerdtner, Nicole Bier, Laura Schmid and the two artists Helmut Schmid and Günter Theobald.

Bild "Öffentliches Leben:Komitee.jpg"The partnership committee cooperates with the present town mayor, Mayor Günther Jung, in matters of the partnership. The committee appreciates any support and is grateful for cooperation and suggestions. Sponsors who support the committee`s work, are always welcome. All contributions to the committee are of 100% benefit to the partnership without taxation or administrative costs .

More information about Warcq on the homepage of Warcq in French.homepage Warcq.

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