City and Deputy City Mayors

Bild "Öffentliches Leben:BG Flohr, Bgm Jung, BG Röhrig.jpg"
v.l.n.r.: 1. Beigeordneter Christian Flohr,  Stadtbürgermeister Günther Jung, 2. Beigeordneter Michael Röhrig

The duties of the town board in a meeting of the City Council of 24 August 2009 distributed as follows:

Department 1 - City Mayor
1.  Budget and Finance
2.  Urban Development / garrison Affairs
3.  Representation of the city, congratulations on anniversaries, birthdays
4.  Partnerships U.S. garrison / Warcq
5.  Representation in business (Baumholder Hospital GmbH, District Housing Association)
6.  Supervisor of urban workers and employees

The city mayor shall preside at the committee:
Main and Finance Committee

Section 2 - Deputy Mayor Christian Flohr
1. Economic Development / Property Management
2. Yard / pool of vehicles
3. tourism

The first Deputy Mayor will chair the committees:
Committee for Economic Development and Property Management
Committee on Tourism

Department 3 - City Councillor Michael Röhrig
1. Construction and urban redevelopment
2. Transportation planning, urban roads
3. Culture, Cultural events, public library
4. Youth and Sports (youth center, playgrounds, kindergartens, sports, urban sports towns, swimming pond)

The second Councillor will chair the committees:
Committee for Construction and redevelopment
Committee for Youth, Sports and Culture